Montgomery County, MD, USA


June 22, 2016

Elite Benefits and Expectations

1. Great training, including instructions on fundamental skills and conditioning
2.  Professional coaching by experienced NCAA approved coaches
3.  Competitive game experience at the AAU, YBOA, NTBA, NCAA Certified level for A/B/C level teams
4.  Enhanced physical conditioning
6.  Opportunity to make new friendships with healthy, athletic peers
7.  Increased basketball IQ and enhanced knowledge of the sport of basketball
8.  Preparation to succeed athletically at the middle and high school levels.  Prepare for recruitment at the collegiate level.
9.  Level of play more advanced than Church, Recreation, County and Community basketball

June 22, 2017

Our Travel Teams “WILL NOT” be appropriate for your family if your

- Athlete cannot manage his time to satisfy academic, family and athletic commitments or if he is over-committed.
- Athlete's academic performance is sub-par.
- Family is not 100% committed to his participation in the sport and travel.
- Family cannot provide reliable transportation to practices and games
- Family cannot satisfy the Club’s financial commitments required per athlete.
- Family does not participate in club fundraisers and activities.
- Athlete will miss more than three practices or a full tournament during the season
- Athlete is participating on other teams in any sport that will conflict with our practice and games schedules.
- Athlete is not in good health and physical condition
-  does not work hard in practice to improve and increase his IQ and level of play
- Family interacts with child during practices and games (It is difficult to execute while coaches are instructing).

MARCH 20, 2018


We focus on the athletes individual skill and develop them to take their game to the highest level of competition.

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